How to Keep God the Center of your Busy Life

How to keep God the center of your busy life

These days, my life is very busy.  My husband and I have been making plans to move back to the states after 2 great years in Korea.  As I cram work, volunteering, and spending time with friends into each week, I have found that God is moving down my list of priorities.  I'm juggling spots for coffee dates and lesson planning, instead of personal Bible study and prayer. I needed a game plan so that my life revolves around God instead of just fitting him into my busy schedules.  Here are 3 methods that I use to keep God the center of my busy life.

3 Ways to Keep God the Center of Your busy Life

1. Make God a Part of Your Routines

When life gets busy, sometimes, we put God on the back burner.  We put more work into building our name than his because we have taken our eyes off of him. Instead, we begin to focus on the busyness that has consumed our lives.  When my life gets busy, and I find that God is no longer the center, I look at the routines that I have built, and put him right in the middle.

Instead of missing my personal time with him when I wake up in the morning, I make it the first thing that I do when I get to work. I have found that shifting  things around and adding my quiet time to an already existing routine makes me more successful at keeping God the center of my life.  By doing it at work, I make the other teachers curious out me, and hope to inspire them to ask thoughtful questions.

2. Posted Reminders

I don't know about you, but environment and atmosphere have a huge impact on my mood.  By posting scriptures around my desk, I am able to be more reflective and have the added bonus of memorizing more scripture.  When I am frustrated, I can easily speak some truth into my life. I can meditate and pray about things that I feel I'm losing control over.

This can also be a great way to pray for your prayer list throughout the day.  Place scriptures and prayer list in your most frequented environments: your desk, bedroom, bathroom mirror, kitchen cabinets. Anywhere that you can stick a little note to help you to be more mindful of Christ.


Accountability is such a huge tool that we often take for granted.  Accountability creates a reciprocal relationship founded on mutual growth.  You want to see your partner grow, and she wants to see you grow. You can have more than one, but just be sure it is someone you can trust to have hard conversations with you when you need them.  Decide to check in once a day or once a week to see how you are doing with the things that you have shared with each other. Be honest and vulnerable and create a culture where hard conversations are not seen as attacks, but rather, opportunities for growth.

4. Intentional Sharing

   Finally, Share Christ with Others.  You can’t forget Christ if you are talking about him.  Find ways to encourage other believers in their faith. Start a blog.  Share your testimony. Just talk about Christ even when you are doing the most mundane activities.  When we talk about Christ, it not only edifies us, but keeps us rooted in him. Sometimes, we shy away from sharing our faith with others.  But, don’t let that desire stop you, shine your light bright.  Make a list of intentional ways that you can share Christ with others through your day.

Busyness is good when it keeps you productive, but not when it pulls you away from God.  Are you losing God in your busy life?  I'm so glad that God's love is unconditional.  That even when our actions don't show him we care, he still pursues us and helps us to see the error in our ways. Evaluate your life and see how you can revolve it around God, instead of fitting him in.

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