How to Love Others Well Through Difficult Times

Anyone who has ever had a loved one go through a difficult time can tell you that sometimes, its difficult to love them well.  Sometimes you just don't know what to do or say.Read more to find out 5 ways that you can love others well through a difficult time.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to love someone well during a difficult time in their life.  I know this was terribly true for my husband and I.  When I began battling anxiety, my husband didn't really know what to do to support me as he hadn't really experienced anxiety to the degree that I did.  I couldn't talk about certain things, go to specific places, or even sometimes be alone because I would become so anxious.  I had my turn with this when I had a friend going through a difficult time in her life.  It kept me constantly praying as I didn't always know what to say but I learn that its okay to not say anything sometimes.  To learn others ways that you can love someone well through difficult times, check out my Article "How to Love Others Well Through Difficult Times" featured on Bless Your High Heels.

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