20 Songs To Help You To Overcome Anxiety

Worship is so crucial when we feel overwhelmed with worry.  We are so blessed to have a father he loves and cares for us.  Let these 20 songs sink into your heart and lead you into worship with God.

Worshiping instead of worrying is one of the best ways that we can curb our worry and anxiety.  It refuels us and empowers us to fight back while we wait for Jesus to slay our giant.  If you missed the blog post Worship Instead of Worrying, Be sure to check it out.  This post is meant to give you another tool in your Anxiety ToolBox.  I want to continue to equip you in finding victory over anxiety.  When I feel like I may spiral, I always begin worshiping the Lord.  I have never left worshiping the Lord thinking, "Well that was a waste."  I am always just so thankful that I can come before him, into his presence, and just rest.  I find the peace that had been escaping me.  I find the joy that helps me to get through the day.  To put it plainly, I am better.  I get a tune-up to go back out into this crazy world with confidence and assurance.  I am made whole.  I hope that these songs bless you like they have blessed me.  I encourage you to make a playlist on YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, or any other music program.  When you need the pick me up throughout the day just hit play and begin to rest in Jesus.  

What are your favorite songs for when you are consumed with worry, fear, or anxiety? Leave a comment below so that we can all grow one step closer to Overcoming Anxiety. Go in Peace.

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