20 Affirmations for Overcoming Anxiety

Speaking truth to cancel the lies is one fo the best things we can do for ourselves.  Join me in declaring these 20 affirmations over our lives.

My desire is to equip you in your journey to overcome anxiety.  Throughout this series, I will give you tools you can use to overcome anxiety. Often when we are battling anxiety, it is hard to tell ourselves the truth. We hear lie after lie and decide that we don't have the strength to fight the thoughts. So what do we do? We let the seed grow.  We let it grow wildly into forests and fields in our mind.  I have been there, and I understand.  That is why I have written 20 affirmations for you to repeat to yourself each day.  First, read through them all.  Meditate on each word.  Read the accompanying scripture. Then each day focus on 1 affirmation.  When you feel anxiety rear its ugly head, you begin to repeat your affirmation.  You should meditate on it throughout the day until it becomes like breathing.  Do you remember I told you anxiety is like breathing and suffocating at the same time? Well, these affirmations and verses are like God giving you CPR.  As you speak each word, imagine that God is breathing into your lungs.  He will sustain you.  He won't give up on you.  His peace WILL guard your heart and mind. Be anxious for nothing.

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